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If you have unwanted visible veins that have become a cosmetic problem, advanced modern laser technology presents an innovative solution. Concord MedSpa in Keene, Plymouth, and Concord, New Hampshire, provides quality laser vein removal to help you zap away problem veins and smooth your skin. Find out more by calling Concord MedSpa or scheduling an appointment online today.

Laser Vein Treatment Q&A

What causes unwanted visible veins?

A number of factors can contribute to the development of unwanted visible veins, such as:

  • Hormonal fluctuation
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Weight fluctuation

Jobs or activities that require prolonged standing or sitting, can also increase the risk of developing these veins.

You might have small clusters of purple, red, or blue veins visible just under the skin that usually show up on the thighs, ankles, calves, nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin.

These small spider veins don’t produce painful symptoms, but they can be a cosmetic problem for some people.

How does laser vein removal work?

Laser treatments target and eliminate your unwanted visible spider veins without damaging your outer layers of skin.

Laser vein treatments deliver several short pulses of laser energy directly over your unwanted vein. This precise and safe laser energy travels through the surface of your skin and the red or blue pigment of your blood vessel absorbs it, causing the vessel to heat up.

This heat effectively melts the walls of the vein and breaks them down, collapsing the vein. Your body eliminates the collapsed vein by a natural process. Laser vein removal treatment also works well to remove smaller veins.

Since these veins are superficial and not necessary for circulation, removing them isn’t harmful.

What can I expect during laser vein removal treatment?

Prior to your treatment, you should avoid sun exposure for at least 4 weeks and remove as much hair as possible from the treatment area. This helps deter darkened skin from developing, which makes the veins more difficult to find and the treatment less effective.

Laser vein treatments typically take about a half-hour and don’t require an anesthetic. Your skin is cooled by a constant cooling mechanism that has a numbing effect for your safety and to make the treatment more comfortable.

You can leave the office as soon as your treatment is done. For best results, 1-2 treatments are typically needed. After your treatment, try elevating your legs and avoiding strenuous exercise for a couple of days.

During your personal consultation, you receive valuable information on how the laser treatment works and what you can expect.

If you’re interested in laser vein treatments, call Concord MedSpa or schedule online today.