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Neurotoxins, otherwise known as neuromodulators or more commonly collectively called "Botox", are a group of medications that allow for relaxation of muscle which can smooth wrinkles and reduce muscles.  There are many brands on the market, and we have an array of them to choose from when establishing or editing each patients treatment plans. The team of aesthetic specialists at Concord Medspa in Raymond, Keene, Plymouth, Manchester, and Concord, New Hampshire, have specialized training in neuromodulator injections and are able to speak to each brand and its special characteristics, so you can expect optimal personalized results. 


What brands do you carry?

Botox, Daxxify, Dysport, and Xeomin are all tools in our neuromodulator toolkit we use for varied reasons.

How does a neuromodulator work?

You develop lines and wrinkles throughout your face with each facial expression you make. Part of the reason wrinkles form is because you gradually lose skin-firming collagen and elastin. But the signs of aging also surface because of muscle contractions, especially as your facial muscles start working closer to the surface of your skin as you lose that layer of cushioning fat.

Botox® and the other brands we carry are medical-grade FDA-approved solution derived from a strain of a botulinum toxin. Upon injection, the neuromodulator like Botox immediately starts blocking nerve activity in your muscles, minimizing their twitching and contracting effects. This allows your skin to smooth out, lessening the appearance of wrinkles while simultaneously preventing further signs of aging.

What can a neuromodulator like Botox treat?

Any neuromodulator like Botox is ideal for smoothing out lines and wrinkles that form around your eyes and mouth. Your neuromodulator treatments can minimize the appearance of:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Smile lines around your mouth
  • Frown lines between your brows

Even though Botox and all other branks help your facial muscles relax, you can continue to make your normal facial expressions, so your results are entirely natural. For optimal results, the aesthetic specialists at Concord Medspa sometimes suggest pairing Botox with dermal fillers to help contour your skin and fill in areas where you’ve lost volume or never had volume.

How long does each neuromodulator last?

Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are all able to last for up to four months at proper dosing. Daxxify has been found to last up to 9 months with proper dosing.

Are neuromodulator injections painful?

The aesthetic team at Concord Medspa has specialized training in precise Botox injections, so your injections are as quick and painless as possible. While it’s normal to feel slight pinching at the injection site, you shouldn’t be in pain.

Your practitioner may even suggest applying a topical numbing cream or an ice pack to further minimize the pinching sensations you feel, so you’re able to relax during your treatment.

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* Individual results may vary.